Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst GIGAPACK



Megérkezett a XENOVERSE és a Naruto Storm 3 Revolution után a Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst játékhoz is megjött a GIGAPACK. A videó leírásában szerepel minden fontos adat. Jó csemegézést, akit érdekel! :)


A teljes cikk megtekintéséhez, KATT -> TOVÁBB

Beware! None of those GIGAPACKS for Storm 3 are compatible with story mode..

If youre gonne use any of em, it gonna ruin the story mode by make it crash.
So only use it for your own sake, make a backup first!

This one has Naruto that can transform into Kurama mode,
but dosnt have all the latest mods like Mecha Naruto:
To use Kurama mode, select normal Naruto slot1, costume1. In the select screen he looks like a yellow Naruto without arms, but in-game its fixed. But the Sage on has really dont have!

This one is bigger and newer, it also overwrite more files but it will add more DLC character
and Revolution chars like Mecha Naruto, Edo Hashirama with Wood Golem, Madara with new Susanoo, Shisui, Kushina:
Keep in mind this mod has Kurama mode and Mecha Kurama mode also, but you only can use them if your lifeforce is go really low..